Budget Wedding Ideas for Students

Students often struggle with money. That's just the way things are. Though, this little setback should not ruin the most important day of their lives. A wedding day should be marvelous, whether you have enough funds or not. In truth, the wedding industry makes it look like weddings have to cost much. They don't. Weddings have to be fun, beautiful, original, and many other things. But being expensive is quite optional. We can easily back this thought with numerous examples. So here is our list of the top budget wedding ideas for students.

Have a winter wedding

Analyze how many weddings you’ve visited during winters in comparison to other seasons. You don’t need to do my statistics homework for me to know that weddings have their high and low seasons, just like traveling. Winter is often considered a low season for weddings. Hence, the industry is in despair to get more clients. You can book any wedding venues at much cheaper prices. Plus, all the additional costs, such as flowers, wedding makeup, cake, etc, will come at a lower cost as well. Also, who says that winter weddings are not beautiful? If you can guess the right timing, you can have gorgeous snowy weather on your wedding day. This alone will add so much magic to this special occasion. Also, a wedding indoors in cold weather looks so cozy and heartwarming.

An intimate wedding

You may be puzzled by this idea, thinking like, “should I use my speedy paper discount code to have someone figure out this concept to me?” Don’t worry! To put it very simply, an intimate wedding means to shorten your guest list. By reducing the number of your guests, you are reducing your expenses. It’s that easy. Overall, it is a great way to have a perfect wedding. No more strange uncles and third cousins you’ve never met in your life. You get to be in charge of who should be there to share such a precious moment with you. What’s best about student weddings, it’s that you have a legitimate excuse to go easy on the expenses. No one will be offended that you don’t pay for flight tickets or make restaurant reservations for a hundred people. You are off the hook.


It seems like weddings are made only for princesses who can’t do anything on their own. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a princess on your wedding day, don’t get me wrong. Though, it still doesn’t mean you can’t do your own makeup. If you normally do your makeup and hair by yourself, why can’t you do it for the wedding day? Like, surely, you can always pay someone to do homework, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself. You can keep your wedding simple, and your guest list cut to only close friends and immediate families. By doing that you see how much weight leaves your poor shoulders.
Seriously though, try to keep it simple. Have a party outdoors, prepare the majority of decorations yourself. Be free to ask your friends to help. Create your own memories with your own hands. By planning your wedding from a scratch, you prolong the joy of this day. You are getting busy with making your ideas into reality, instead of getting worried that a flower delivery will be late, or you receive a wrong cake.